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I've broken your Site

Only God can  judge me 

 Let's forget about the site now   ..

I want to ask you a question...    

Do you know about Islam Religion?

if yes,  why don't you believe in?

I'm not looking for fame or money .. Or anything else

I want to improve thinking about Islam

I'll ask you some questions..

The first question : Do you think

that Jesus Christ was crucified .. ?

Will tell me yes

Why steel .. ?

To atone for what he did to Adam, peace be upon him .. ?

What is bad

Why Jesus was crucified instead for Adam .. ?

And now the Christian religion says

 that Jesus, the Son of God

Why then GOD crucified his son?? as you believe.

that means that God did not love his son!!!


God has one son why not have 10 or 20

My last question : Now God alone has the

matter in the following statement

If God said I die today

Issa does not want to die today

Who has it in this issue

God or Jesus

And here Leave you watch the videos

And I hope that you see the videos



And This



And This



I hope my brothers and sisters who want Islam to

accept me as a friend to them

Kindly Tell me a friend request on e-mail ..


Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings


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